“When a company owns one precise thought in the prospect's mind, it sets the context for everything

and there should be no distinction between brand, product, service and experience”

Maurice Saatchi

Type Domain Name $USD Best Use
Platform up Bounty .com $26,000 ICO, Crypto, Freelance, Prizes...
Platform Software Road .com $24,000 SaaS, Dev Programme, Software sold for Crypto
Banking Satoshi Century .com $44,000 Bitcoin Banking, VC, Finance
ERP, shared equity work, Fin Man Zen Opp .com $12,000 Run your co-op, ERP services, BI, Opps...
Bitcoin Bank Satoshi First .com $30,000 Crypto Banking
Bitcoin Bank, Wallet Sumo Banco .com $16,000 Exchange, Wallet, Fin Services
Money Transfer instant Money .io $12,000 Bitcoin services
Money Transfer transfer Money .io $12,000 Crypto Services
Smart Contract Super Agree .com $12,000 Blockchain / Documents
Money Loans Lendable Coin .com $4,000 Crypto Loans, Invoices
Orance Juice Trading Orange Juice Coin .com $8,000 Commodity Coin, ICO
Potash Trading Potash Coin .com $16,000 Commodity Coin, ICO
Brokers Stockbroker Coin .com $12,000 Settlement, Voucher, Loyalty
Banks, Brokers Prime Broker Coin .com $8,000 Settlement, ICO...
Banks, Prime Brokers... Prime Asset Coin .com $16,000 Asset backed, Property
Ether, Smart Contracts Contract Rules .com $12,000 inc's. Contract Rule .com
Crypto Wallets Wallet Download .com $28,000 Starting point, Reviews, Sell Clicks...
Lucky Wallet, Bank Wallet 89 .com $17,880 Super Lucky Wallet, Crypto, File Store, Password service...
Crypto, all services Satoshi 89 .com $8,880 Bank, FIN services, Investment...
Crypto Mining Hash 888 .com $8,880 Exch 88 .com availiable too
Crypto Mining South Sea Mine .com $8,880 Inc'S South Sea mining .com
Updated 8th June 2018

Instantly communicate your strategic vision with ruthlessly clear messages.

Clients like to own the words of their industry. I also act as domain finder / advisor for you. I mostly use and recommend NameCheap.com as a domain registrar, quick and simple transfers.

World's leading brands own their industry names... long-term IP assets.

Amazon owns Endless.com
AT&T owns Mobile.com, WebHosting.com
Boeing owns NewAirplane.com
Bridgestone owns TireSafety.com
Citibank owns Finance.com, Mortgage.com, StudentLoan.com
Daimler AG owns TruckStore.com
DELL owns CloudComputing.com
Fidelity owns 401k.com, Funds.com
General Electric owns AutoLeasing.com, CarLeasing.com, Coincidence.com, Ecomagination.com
Google owns Hello.com and 18,000 others ;-)
JP Morgan Chase owns BestMarkets.com
Philips owns SemiConductors.com, Speech.com
Roche owns FluFacts.com
Saxo Bank owns ForexTrading.com
State Farm Insurance owns NowWhat.com
Sun Microsystems owns Network.com, ServiceProvider.com
Travelocity owns Vacations.com
Wells Fargo owns Strong.com
Western Union owns FXTrader.com
Xerox owns ColorPrinters.com, Documents.com

Expand your brand messaging options for the future. Let your team use it when needed, a logical long-term marketing investment.

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