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Type Domain Name $USD Best Use
Platform Up bounty .com $26,000 ICO, Crypto, Freelance, Prizes...
Platform Software Road .com $24,000 SaaS, Dev Programme, Software sold for Crypto
Banking Satoshi Century .com $44,000 Bitcoin Banking, VC, Finance
ERP, shared equity work, Fin Man Zen Opp .com $12,000 Run your co-op, ERP services, BI, Opps...
Bitcoin Bank Satoshi First .com $30,000 Crypto Banking
Bitcoin Bank, Wallet Sumo Banco .com $16,000 Exchange, Wallet, Fin Services
Money Transfer instant Money .io $12,000 Bitcoin services
Money Transfer transfer Money .io $12,000 Crypto Services
Smart Contract Super Agree .com $12,000 Blockchain / Documents
Money Loans Lendable Coin .com $4,000 Crypto Loans, Invoices
Orance Juice Trading Orange Juice Coin .com $8,000 Commodity Coin, ICO
Potash Trading Potash Coin .com $16,000 Commodity Coin, ICO
Brokers Stockbroker Coin .com $12,000 Settlement, Voucher, Loyalty
Banks, Brokers Prime Broker Coin .com $8,000 Settlement, ICO...
Banks, Prime Brokers... Prime Asset Coin .com $16,000 Asset backed, Property
Ether, Smart Contracts Contract Rules .com $12,000 inc's. Contract Rule .com
Crypto Wallets Wallet Download .com $28,000 Starting point, Reviews, Sell Clicks...
Lucky Wallet, Bank Wallet 89 .com $17,880 Super Lucky Wallet, Crypto, File Store, Password service...
Crypto, all services Satoshi 89 .com $8,880 Bank, FIN services, Investment...
Crypto Mining Hash 888 .com $8,880 Exch 88 .com availiable too
Crypto Mining South Sea Mine .com $8,880 inc's South Sea mining .com
Crypto, Banks Statement .mx $30,000 SaaS service, Wallet...
Mining, Space First Asteroid .com $24,000 Be like SpaceX, be first in space :-)
Real Estate, Banking Prime Asset .io 16,000 inc's Prime Asset .co
Real Estate, Vacation Beach Property .mx $22,000 Mexico, Builder, Community, Sales
Mining, VC Coin River Mine .com $8,880 Good Luck Mining, Flow
Travel, Airmiles Jet Charter Coin .com $24,000 inc's Jet Charter .io
Weed, Farming Grower Coin .com $12,000 Horticulture, Wholesale, Trade, ICO
Satoshi, Gambling Sathosi 888 .com $8,880 Wallet, Financial Services, Private
Domain Finder $4,000 I can create a brand for you No-Win, No-Fee
Updated 8th June 2018
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